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Steamboat’s Ultimate Off-Road Experience!

Embark on a scenic adventure through the stunning landscapes north of Steamboat Springs with our 2 and 3-hour UTV tours. Explore rugged terrain, winding trails, and breathtaking vistas aboard our top-of-the-line Polaris RZR 4-seater machines, designed to deliver an unmatched off-road experience. 

Go Where others Can't go

Our Steamboat Springs UTV Tours Include:

2 and 3-Hour Tours Available

On our tours you will ride through Routt National forest in Hahn’s Peak, Colorado. Experience true Northern Colorado with varied terrain from steep rocky double track to smooth dirt roads. 100% off pavement! Tours go around historic Hahn’s Peak with great views of peaks, aspen forests, abandoned mines, creeks, rivers, lakes and overlooks as far as Wyoming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers need to be 16+ with a valid driver’s license. For safety, passengers need to be age 5 +

Driving is a lot of fun! But we understand if it’s not for you. Give us a call to arrange a tour with a guide that drives, based on availability

  • For safety, we’ll provide helmets and goggles for you to wear. Feel free to bring sunglasses instead. 
  • Depending on the time of the season, the trail might get a bit dusty! Bring a bandana or buff to wear under your helmet. 

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UTV tours offer a fun and accessible way to explore the wilderness.