Steamboat Lake Outpost

Ice FIshing

Thought you’d put your fishing rod away for the winter? Think again!

The lake might be frozen, but that doesn’t stop us from fishing. Join us for one of the most unique fishing experiences you can have, in a beautiful setting.  

Set your hook!

Up here at 8200 ft, Steamboat Lake gets coated in a thick layer of ice from January through March. Not wanting to wait until May for the thaw, enthusiastic anglers head out onto the ice with augers to drill holes through the ice and slush. There’s just something so cool about casting into a hole the size of a dinner plate and pulling out a trout from underneath the layer of ice!

On our guided ice-fishing trip, we’ll trek out onto the ice with our augers, ice hut and heater, and a mug of hot cocoa and give you a great fishing experience. We’ll show you how and where to set up your holes, and walk you through the different equipment, specific to ice fishing, that will set you up for success. 

And while it’s a thrill to pull fish from a frozen lake, perhaps the best part of ice angling is the memories. Ice fishing is a social activity–a great way for all members of the family or group to participate in a winter recreational activity and connect with each other. 

Our 3-hour Ice Fishing Experience Offers:

Private groups allow us to tailor the experience to you. Beginner and experienced folks welcome. 

Steamboat Lake is an award winning trout lake spanning just over 1,000 acres. On a bluebird day, you’ll get views of Sand Mountain and Hahn’s Peak. If it’s snowing, we stay cozy in a heated tent. 

Ice-fishing is an all-ages activity that is great for families. We love introducing kiddos to the wonders of ice fishing, and it’s something that grandma and grandpa can enjoy too. You’ll realize that ice fishing isn’t just about the fish–it’s about spending quality time. 

Our guides are experienced outdoorsmen & women who are passionate about introducing folks to ice fishing.  It’s our mission to provide our guests with meaningful outdoor experiences, so you can expect your guide–and all our staff–to be friendly, genuine and caring. 

We offer complimentary pick-up and drop off in downtown Steamboat Springs.