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Meet our most popular staff members: Wyatt & Doc

We’ve got a lot of friendly, awesome people who work at The Outpost. But none of us are quite so well-liked as Wyatt and Doc, our adorable Belgian draft team. In a nod to the old West, our Head Wrangler Will named them after infamous gunslingers Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt and Doc are 3 years old and came to us in the fall from a ranch in Kentucky. They’ve spent their first mountain winter growing big furry coats, taking lots of folks on sleigh rides, and playing in the corral–constantly! These boys never seem to tire of nibbling on each other and running circles in the corral.  

Oops! Wyatt (right) was ready for the photo, but Doc (left) not so much. That face tho! (Photo Credit: Bonafide Cowboy)

Last week we wrapped up our sleigh rides for the season. It’s been a warm winter (quite a few days in the 30s) and as temps tick towards the mid 40s this week, the trail becomes too slushy for the horses to move through. Since December, we’ve taken hundreds of guests on sleigh rides, and we couldn’t be more proud of our young team and the job they did!

Doc and Wyatt are now headed off for a little mud season vacation at our sister property, Vista Verde. Then come late May, they will join our entire herd back here at The Outpost to get ready for the summer season.

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